Private Carolina Beach Fishing Lessons

Capt Andy Everhart of Southern Sportfish Carolina Beach fishing charters.There are lots of Fishing seminars offered each year from all around the country.  Generally the classes are so large that there is very little time, if any, for “hands on” training.  You rush from station to station picking up only bits and pieces of the information that you paid good money to receive.  You stand in line waiting to ask the instructor a question and before you get your turn its time to go to another session.

As an instructor at many of these seminars, In 2008, I decided to get away from large group instruction and offer one on one and small group classes.  I wanted to be able to give good quality instruction with ample time for hands on demonstrations.  “Spending as much time with my clients as possible is a priority.”

With that being said, I would like to welcome you to Southern Sportfishing’s Private School of Saltwater Instruction!


Most Popular Topics:

  • Surf Fishing for Speckled Trout, Flounder, and Red Drum.
  • Surf Fishing for Big Reds – Fall Season
  • Surf Fishing for Big Sharks!  They’re not as far out as you think!
  • Cape Fear River and the Bays at Bald Head Island for Speckled Trout, Flounder, Red Drum, and Sheepshead.
  • Near-Shore trolling for Spanish Mackerel.
  • Offshore trolling for King Mackerel and Dolphin.
  • Spade Fishing on the near-shore wrecks.
  • Live Bait Fishing for King Mackerel, Dolphin, Sailfish, and Cobia.  Near-Shore and Offshore.
  • Navigating the Cape Fear River, River Channel, and local Inlets.  Knowing when to go and when to keep it at the dock.
  • Navigating the bays at Fort Fisher.  Effects of the tide and new moon as it pertains to fishing and navigation.
  • Offshore and Near-shore bottom fishing.
  • Customize your topics of choice.

What To Expect:

I provide plenty of hands on class time where you will actually learn how to tie rigs, twist wire, rig ballyhoo etc. I utilize nautical charts and show you where you need to be at what times of the year for your target fish. I offer classes that include me spending a day on the water with you on your boat to apply what you learned in class. I will have you bring your fishing gear to class to ensure you have the right equipment for the type of fishing you want to learn. I cover everything from hooks, line, rods, all the way to your boat equipment, and the best thing about it is the amount of hands on training you receive.

Class Schedule:

Classes are primarily held September through May of each year.  Should you require a summer class you will have to check for availability due to the busy summer season.

Class Size:

Ten is the maximum number of students per class with one being the minimum.

Class Times:

Depends on how many students are in the class and the topic or topics of choice.

For more details and pricing contact Capt. Andy Everhart at 910-443-8546

Andy’s been reeling them in since I’ve known him…that’s three decades.

Porter Powell